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Sustainability at Borders College


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Borders College strives to be a responsible organisation in how it manages sustainability within its estate and throughout the curriculum. The College Sustainability policy sets out the measures that Borders College will undertake in order to become a more sustainable College. Key to its success is staff and students participation in a positive and proactive manner. The College expects staff and students to act responsibly and follow the guidance below.

Borders College has

Implemented a recycling scheme throughout the College which includes:

  • Each class room and office has a general waste bin and a recycling bin which accepts, paper, card cans and plastic.
  • Wood waste is collected and recycled via external recycling skip,
  • Battery recycling is available at Reception.
  • Motor vehicle tyres are collected and sent for recycling.
  • The College will continue to investigate appropriate waste recycling at all campuses and encourage staff and students to highlight any recycling opportunities to the Sustainability Committee.

The College encourages all staff and students to switch off equipment when not being used including but not limited to:

  • Internal lighting and class rooms and offices.
  • Computers, monitors and other electrical items when not required. We also encourage ‘read on screen’ when appropriate and not to print paper copies unnecessarily – “Think before you print”.

The College encourages all staff and students to use resources more efficiently including:

  • Turn down or turn off Turn off Air Conditioning units when not required
  • If you are too hot, turn down the heating in the room before opening a window or switching on the AC, Never have the heating on and the windows/doors open!!
  • Close classroom blinds at night to retain heat, this prevents the heating system having to work harder and burn more fuel when there is a demand for heat.

The College has:

  • Developed and Carbon Management Plan to reduce our carbon foot print by 25% over the next 5 years.
  • We have identified 17 opportunities to reduce our energy usage by implementing improved training, monitoring, more efficient heating and lighting systems.
  • We will reduce our impact on the environment by 326 tonnes per year of CO2 by 2015.

Sustainable Procurement

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Click on this link to read our Sustanability News stories.


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