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Open and Flexible Learning

Open Learning is an ideal way to study for anyone who has difficulties in attending College regularly, perhaps through employment commitments, shift working, a young family, travelling distances, disability or family responsibilities. None of these need prevent anyone from gaining qualifications.

Employers also find that Open Learning can provide a very useful opportunity for their employees to develop the skills they require.

Open Learning can be an extremely effective way to return to learning and training for anyone who has been away from formal education for a time.

What is Open Learning? 

It is a method of studying at home or work, using specifically written course materials, with the support of a College Tutor who provides guidance on a regular basis and helps students progress through their courses successfully.

Occasionally, attendance at College is necessary for practical work or supervised assessment but, whenever possible, this is arranged to suit students' convenience.

Which Open Learning Courses are Available?

Further Information

Further information on Open Learning is available by contacting the Open Learning Unit on 08700 50 51 52 or e-mail:

Open Learning Units

To view the Open learning Units eBook please click on the graphic below. If you would like to download the pdf version, please click here.