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Transport for Students

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Support towards the cost of transport is normally available within the Scottish Borders region for bursary/EMA students who are attending Further Education courses and who reside more than 3 miles from their College base. Such students are issued with a bus pass, although in exceptional circumstances a petrol allowance may be arranged.

Students who live on the Borders Railway route may be issued with a termly rail season ticket. The transport issued to student is based on the cheapest route possible for that specific student to come to college. Students should ensure they have methods of attending college before applying.

Students on Higher Education courses receive support through SAAS and are required to pay for their daily travel to and from college although this cost is in part covered to those in receipt of the maximum loan available.

College Travel Cards are for students who require bus transport to college who live within 3 miles of a college bus route.

Q101 – a college bus to Galashiels and Newtown run by Austin Travel that picks up at Eyemouth, Ayton, Chirnside, Duns, Greenlaw, Gordon and Earlston. From Galashiels campus it turns into the Q101 Shuttle to Newtown St. Boswells and Tweedbank Campuses where it collects students from Galashiels, Langlee and Tweedbank.

Q102 – a college bus to Galashiels run by Borders Buses that picks up at Kelso, St Boswells, Newtown St. Boswells Campus, Scottish Borders Council, Newstead and Melrose.

E11/F11 – a college bus to Newtown St. Boswells Campus run by Borders Buses that collects students from Hawick and Selkirk.
For pick-up times download the Transport App or visit the Border College Transport web page.

A temporary travel card will be issued at enrolment, provided you have submitted your bursary application. Students who have finalised and accepted their bursary award by the October holiday will be issued with a permanent travel card after the October holiday.

One-Tickets and Borders Buses tickets are for students who require bus transport to college who do not live within 3 miles off a college bus route.

  • Scratch Cards: You will be issued with a scratch card for use on the first day of each new term. The first card will be issued to you on enrolment, provided you have submitted your bursary application and uploaded a birth certificate or passport. (Pre-enrolled students will be responsible for the cost of their own travel on their first day).
  • It your responsibility to ensure you collect a scratch card the last week of each term as bus fares will not be refunded retrospectively. Download the Transport App or follow the Transport Facebook page to receive a reminder notification.
  • Renewal bus tickets are available for collection the first week of each term. If you do not collect your new ticket within this time you will be expected to pay for the cost of your own transport until you receive your new ticket.
  • If you try to travel with an expired ticket the bus driver will take it from you and you will not be given a replacement. This may also be a college disciplinary matter.

There are two types of Borders Buses tickets: Full and 1 Zone The Full ticket is valid on all Borders Buses bus services within the Borders.  In addition, it can be used to travel the full X95 route – Edinburgh to Carlisle.  The 1 Zone ticket is valid in the inner Borders area – Clovenfords/Stow/Darick/Selkirk.  In addition, it is valid on the full X62 route, from Peebles to Borders General Hospital.  Please note:  these tickets are only valid on Borders Buses bus services and not Buskers/Peter Hogg/Telfords. 


  • Students should note that bus tickets are not “free” – the college pays over £100 per month for each ticket so they must be treated with care.
  • If your bus ticket is lost, stolen or damaged you be charged £10 for a replacement. You will be responsible for the cost of your own transport until issued with a replacement ticket.
  • Tickets/scratch cards should be collected from the Student Advice Centre in Galashiels Campus, Interview Room at Newtown and the office at Tweedbank.
  • If you are unable to collect your tickets the first week of term, you must contact the Transport Administrator to ask if it can be held for you. This can be done by phone, email or via the Borders College Transport Facebook page.
  • Tickets not collected within one week of the start date will be returned and you will be responsible for the cost of your own transport until issued with a replacement ticket.
  • Any misuse of bus tickets will be treated as a disciplinary matter by the College.
  • If you do not finalise your bursary application and return your acceptance letter by the October holiday, you may be responsible for the cost of your own transport beyond this date.

Travelling to College by Train
If you are travelling to college by train you will be issued with a termly rail season ticket on the first day of term, provided you have submitted your online bursary application and uploaded your birth certificate or passport. You will need to purchase a return train ticket on your first day of college and come along to the Student Advice Centre/Transport Office to collect your rail season ticket. Keep hold of this rail ticket to claim a reimbursement from the Transport Administrator. A contribution towards mileage from home to the nearest train station may also be paid.

If you are under the age of 19 on 26th August 2019 you MUST have a valid Young Scot Card which has a pink line through the DOB. If you do not have a valid card you must arrange for a replacement card BEFORE you can collect your rail ticket on the first day of term.

Replacement of lost or invalid Young Scot Cards (those without a pink line) can be obtained from your Local Authority Contact Centre/Library or from the Young Scot website. For Scottish Borders students, you can renew/upgrade your card by either calling 0300 100 1800 (option 5) or popping into your local Contact Centre/Library.

For students studying at the Newtown St Boswells campus, the Q101S shuttle bus service picks up at Currie Road, Galashiels (opposite the Health Centre) and takes you to the Newtown campus.
Students studying at the Tweedbank Construction Hub will be issued with a train pass to Tweedbank.

Travel to Placements
All placement transport requests must be made by your Placement Officer.

Contact Us
If you need any help with transport to college you can either talk to the Transport Administrator in person at the Student Advice Centre at Galashiels Campus or Reception at Newtown St. Boswells Campus on Wednesday/Friday mornings (before 9.15am) call on 01896 662518,  email or message through the Border College Transport Facebook page.

For bus service information visit the “Journey Planner” section at for full travel information.