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What is Enrolment Day all about?

Do I have to attend?

YES! The purpose of enrolment day is to get all necessary administration completed so you can focus on learning from the start of your course!What is Enrolment Day all about?

Stages of Enrolment:

  • Arrive at college to be met by friendly College staff.
  • You will then be shown to your class where you will meet your new class mates and Course Tutor.
  • Your Course Tutor will prepare you for enrolment e.g. check you have all the necessary paperwork at hand.
  • You will then be taken (as a group) to the enrolment area.
  • There are 7 stages to the enrolment process:

The first three stages must be completed by all students:

1 - Enrolment – you will sit with a member of administration staff while they enrol you onto your course.
2 - Finance – to confirm your method of payment for fees/student accommodation.
3 - Student Cards – at the point of enrolment you will have your photograph taken for your Student Card, which will be issued to you on the first day of your course by your Course Tutor.

The next four stages do not apply to everyone:What is Enrolment Day all about?

4 - Transport – if you are eligible for a travel pass there is a member of staff available to deal with this. It is your own responsibility to get to and from the campus for your enrolment session.
5 -  Financial Support – there will be staff available in the Student Advice Centre to discuss any funding issues.
6 - Disclosure Scotland – if you require disclosure checks a member of staff will be available to assist with completing the form.
7 - Guidance – staff will be available to assist with anything from completing forms to advice on personal issues in the Student Advice Centre.

What happens once I am enrolled?
Depending on which course you are on you may be required to go back to a classroom with your Course Tutor or you may be free to go.

I’m nervous about coming to College
If you are nervous about coming to College, this is not unusual. If you would like to chat to someone, or get some personal support on enrolment day, please telephone the Student Advice Centre on 01896 662516 and they will arrange for a member of Student Services to contact you.

And finally…
This is the start of an exciting time for you at Borders College and we hope that you will benefit from and enjoy your time with us.

Remember if you have any concerns please get in touch with us by calling our Student Advice Centre on 01896 662516 or email

You can also write to Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE.