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Graphic Design at Borders College – encouraging creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Maybe you’re looking to learn about creative thinking, problem solving and innovation … if this is you, read on…
Graphic design is an exciting, creative and professional area where you can express your creativity. Employers of every shape and size need skilled graphic designers to help them communicate with their audience. 
At Borders College, we run HND Graphic Design at our Scottish Borders Campus in Galashiels. The course will teach you about graphic design – about designing logos and brochures for print, and also digital and online materials – you will become competent in areas such as photography, mixed media, typography, digital imaging, and sustainable design.
Our excellent facilities and experienced staff will provide you with the foundation you need to progress further in your studies, including progression to university. You will also have the skills required to go straight into work or set up your own business.
Assessment is through a wide range of design briefs, some are client-initiated so you get the chance to showcase your work to real clients during your studies.
Our annual art and design exhibition will also give you the opportunity to show your work to the general public – a great way for your visions and ideas to get noticed.
Graphic design will give you a challenging and interesting career and provide self-fulfilment. The opportunities are wide-ranging and you can expect to earn a good living along the way.
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Published: Tue 2nd Jun, 2020