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Frequently Asked Questions (COVID19)

The purpose of this page is to answer questions relating to the COVID-19 crisis and how it might affect students and staff at Borders College and not regarding the COVID-19 virus itself. These questions and answers will be updated as required over the coming days and weeks to reflect the changing position relating to COVID-19.


The Learning Support team are working with Curriculum teams to continue to offer you learning support if you have additional learning requirements.  This will be available in a number of ways through class chat groups, email, teams or via phone.  The Learning Advisors and Assistants will keep in touch with various groups to support you as best they can to continue to learn online.

Applications for 2020/21 remain open, and interviews will be conducted over the telephone.  You will receive an email informing you when you will be contacted, and if we are unable to contact you at that time, we will make further contact to arrange an alternative time.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding the application process, please contact our support team at

Practical work and practical assessments have already been stopped.

We understand that many of you will have concerns around your Student Bursary, EMA or Discretionary Fund payments. The College sector is working closely with the Scottish Government to ensure that no individual student is negatively affected financially by the impact of coronavirus. All payments will continue provided we are able to demonstrate that you are engaging in learning remotely by online/Moodle etc.  However, we understand that this may not always be possible.
If you receive an allowance towards your travel costs as part of your award, this element will stop with effect from Monday 23 March. 

For Full-Time students, the Student Loans Company has also issued guidance.

Yes, apply online as normal.

Yes, contact ISLT Helpdesk to request this and one of the team will be in touch.   Please include what number you want your desk phone forwarded onto.

Yes.  Please note staff should ensure assessments are stored in a safe place at home and bring them back to college once the college re-opens to staff.

Most childcare costs will continue to be paid. We are waiting for advice from the Scottish Government regarding arrangements and will update these details as soon as we have that information.

If a Sales invoice is to be paid please contact

All suppliers with outstanding orders awaiting delivery have been contacted to advise that deliveries will not be possible unless an exception is agreed for business-critical supplies.    Limited contractor access will be permitted to our buildings.

No, face to face learning will stop by 5 pm on Friday 20 March.  We are actively implementing arrangements for remote and digitally-enabled teaching and learning.   From Friday 20 March, your course tutor, lecturer or curriculum and learning manager will be able to advise you on how your teaching and learning will be provided.

Open book assessments can continue through online methods. Closed book assessments may still take place when an online secure method is available e.g. through Moodle assessment timeslot and Turnit In.

Update - Laptops have been made available to those who requested one.

We have laptops available for loan.  Please speak to your course tutor/lecturer urgently so that your details can be passed on to the team dealing with this.

All College student work placements are postponed until further notice unless you are on a Health Care placement which has been authorised to continue by your Curriculum Learning Manager.

We have been unable to change the dates for prelims.  We will put in place alternative arrangements for assessment. 

Purchase orders will continue to be raised through PECOS and SUN finance system and will be emailed to suppliers. 

Print and complete the application form and keep with the required documents until SAAS re-opens applications.  Please contact your course tutor/lecturer to let them know that you have done this so that the College can update our records.

We will honour your voucher when we reopen our premises.

The College is working with Scottish Borders Council to resolve a firewall issue that has prevented pupils accessing college resources and email using GLOW through the ipads. Pupils can access college resources i.e. Moodle through their personal PCs/Laptops/ipads via the college website.

Yes. The Student Funding team are available at to provide support with all funding queries. 

Staff from Student Services Advice Centre will be available via email at or through the BC Welfare or the Student Advice Centre – Borders College Facebook sites where you can drop us a DM.  In the meantime, further wellbeing advice and guidance remains available 24/7 on the Big White Wall.

We will continue with two payment runs each month, as normal, on the 6th and 20th of each month.  More frequent payment runs may be processed if required.   From 20 March, all invoices must be sent electronically as our buildings will be closed and we will not have access to postal service.  Please send invoices and direct any queries to

Responding to events relating to the COVID-19 pandemic the university admissions service, UCAS, has announced that it will give students more time to decide on their choice of university.

The move is also designed to give universities additional time to assess applications and adjust their processes in light of cancelled exam diets and other events affecting the 2020 admissions cycle.

More details are available on the SFC website: 


For Full-Time students the Student Loans Company has also issued guidance.

Yes. Maintenance and fee loans will continue to be paid in the amounts expected, based on your previous assessment.

No, as long as you inform the College that your application is ready to send.

A limited number of staff and contractors will be allowed access on a strict necessity basis only.   It will only be for those who need to be onsite to be able to operate business-critical services. 

Student access will not be permitted.