Borders College


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Borders College is committed to obtaining value for money in all its procurement activities and ensuring that the procurement of goods, services and works adheres to the College's Procurement Strategy and Financial Regulations.

Borders College is a member of Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Ltd, which is the Procurement Centre of Expertise for Universities and Colleges in Scotland.

APUC Ltd works collaboratively with Universities and Colleges in setting up contracts on behalf of the Higher and Further Education Sectors in Scotland. Borders College procures from these contracts whenever possible.

Borders College has also signed up to the Scottish Government's Suppliers' Charter as part of our commitment to working together with other Public Sector buying organisations and Scottish businesses in order to improve public sector procurement processes and dialogue.

Procurement Strategy

The Procurement Strategy, approved by the Regional Board, sets out the procurement direction of Borders College.

The strategy is subject to ongoing development and shall evolve in line with sectoral, regional and national procurement initiatives.

Procurement Policies and Procedures

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