Borders College

Ideas & Innovation Fund for Borders College Staff Be Innovative at Borders College

We want to encourage you as college staff to come up with and take forward great ideas and innovations that have a positive impact on our college community – staff & students.

This fund is one way we can support staff with resources to identify, develop and implement improvements that will benefit us all, directly or indirectly.

We would welcome applications for grants for new projects, to support innovative pilots and also one-off projects that can demonstrate a lasting impact. Ideally  these projects will be widely accessible, but we will also consider projects that focus on one group or area of the College, particularly if they will have a positive equalities impact

Grants will generally be for up to £500 initially to scope out or research an idea or innovation, with the possibility of up to a further £2500 to launch it.  Where an idea can be developed further we may also be able to help you to seek other forms of funding.

We welcome applications from staff from all areas of the College, for new projects that will provide opportunities to enhance the experience of our students and provide greater job satisfaction for our staff.

Over time we will share information about what projects have been funded and what impact they have made. We hope that these will encourage you to put forward your ideas and innovations.

In order to apply, you will need:

  • Demonstrate that you have support from your Line Manager
  • Talk to us to flesh out your ideas
  • Complete the application
  • Email the completed application to ideas&

Before you start, you will need to:

  • Discuss your idea or innovation with key colleagues
  • Think through what you are trying to achieve
  • Consider what support you may need to progress
  • Develop an Action Plan with timelines for completion

Applications are open now, get in touch and make those ideas a reality.  There is no such thing as a bad idea and no innovation that is too small.  We can’t wait to hear from you.